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14 Inches White Marble Inlay Flower Vase


Antique Marble Inlay Flower Vase


Decorative White Marble Inlay Flower Vase


Elegant White Marble Inlay Flower Vase


Elegant White Marble Inlay Vase For Home Decoration


Floral Designed Marble Inlay Flower Vase


Floral Designed White Marble Decorative Vase


Handcrafted Floral Designed Decorative Vase


Handcrafted White Marble Decorative Flower Vase




Lapis Lazuli Designed White Marble Flower Vase


Lapis Lazuli White Marble Decorative Flower Vase


Luxury White Marble Flower Vase For Home Decoration


Malachite Green Decorative Marble Inlay Flower Vase


Marble Inlay Decorative Flower Vase Pair


Decor Your Home with Marble Inlay Flower Vase

Renovating your interior can be a hassle for many people. Everyone is trying to stand out from others making it even more difficult to settle for any of the contemporary décor items available in the market.

There are many different ways you can decorate or renovate your living room but if you want to make a lasting impression on your guests without spending thousands of dollars then getting a Marble flower vase for your center table is the right choice.

A bit of experimentation is needed to settle for the décor that will suit your needs. You will have to try plenty of different things before you can find something that makes everything click. If you want to save yourself from the hassle of such experimentation then a Marble inlay flower vase is the ideal choice for you.

At Inlaymart you get to choose from a huge range of unique and aesthetically pleasing marble flower vases that are available for you at an affordable price. Each of the products that you see at InlayMart has been tested by a quality team to ensure that you get the optimum quality marble décor item for your home.

Types of Marble Inlay Flower Vase

1. Floral Designed Flower Vase

Imbued with beautiful designs these floral patterned flower vases will be the charm of your center or dining table. Expert craftsmen who possess years of experience in this field prepare these intricately crafted décor.

These floral designed Marble flower vases can be pretty costly as compared to other flower vase range available in our product catalogue but it can sure be a treat to everyone who witnesses their beauty.

2. Inlay Art Designed Vases

Inlay art is the oldest art of India and Mughal emperor Shahjahan use this art to decor tomb area of the Taj Mahal. In this marble inlay flower vase, we make full use of the beautiful marble that increases the beauty of your home. Our craftsmen design attractive flower vase from marble to bring out the true potential of their beauty.

The marble inlay flower vase will be the attention grabber of your center table, living room, drawing room and courtyard area. If you have even a minute level of knowledge about the precious stone then you may have heard of the Lapis pearl.

It is one of the most beautiful rocks that have natural deep blue color that can easily captivate anyone, one can also opt for it.

Colour options of Marble Flower Vases

  • Black
  • White
  • Gray

White and black are the two primary colour options that you will get for flower vases at Inlay Mart. Both of these colours help in bringing out the real beauty of Marble. Keep in mind you don’t get a plain black of white marble vase.

All of the vases that we sell at Inlay Mart have unique designs and are imbued with different stones so you get a beautifully and uniquely designed flower vase.

Customized Marble Inlay Flower Vase

If you couldn’t find anything that piques your interest even after going through our whole catalogue then you can opt for the custom-made flower vase option.

Here you get to choose the shape, size, colour, and every other aspect of your flower vase. We make sure that our craftsmen match the description that you have provided when preparing your order.

So, you can rest assure that you will get the product that you have envisioned while placing your order.

So, these are some of the things that we offer at InlayMart for the marble flower vase. If you want to ask any further questions or have any queries regarding any of our products then feel free to get in touch with us through the contact us section.

Why Buy Marble Flower Vase Online From InlayMart

Makrana marble is the hardest stones in the world and White, Black and gray colour options are available of makrana marble. You can easily clean it with water or cotton clothes.

All the flower of inlaymart is designed with semi-precious which are import from various countries. checkout colours and origin country of semi precious stones here.

  • Cornelian: Orange in the colour and origin of this semi precious stone is India. It is also translucent with light.
  • Lapis Lazuli: It is blue in colour and origin of this stone in Afganistan. The shine of this stone makes our products so unique.
  • Malachite: It is green in colour and We import this stone from South Africa, Romania, Congo.
  • Turquoise: Sky blue in colour and origin of this country is in the USA, Chile and Mexico. It is the most expensive semi precious stone.
  • Mother of Pearl: It is white shiny in colour and the origin of this semi precious stone is India.
  • Abalone (PAUA) Shell: It is a colourful shiny semi precious stones and We import it from Newzealand (NZ). It enhances the look of our products.
  • Jasper: It’s brown in colour and India is the origin country of this semi precious stone.

Uses of Marble Inlay Flower Vase :

Home Decoration :

We design luxury and antique vases that you can use to decorate your home. You can put our flower vase in the living room, drawing room and centre area of your home. You can also put this in the centre area of your dining table.

Luxury Gift :

You can also use our vase to gift your loved one on various occasion like a wedding, Anniversary and birthday gift. You can also gift it to your corporate client of friends.

Everyone will be happy after getting a marble inlay designed flower vase.